Saturday, March 30, 2013

"let it all go -- willingly and with positive acceptance"

For those many yoga teacher training grads who found no place for themselves as hundreds of new yoga teachers flooded the scene at once, I offer Charlotte Bell's blog post, "Living Gracefully With the Financial Challenges of Teaching Yoga."  What I love most about it is this quote:
In retrospect, I think the most important thing that renewed my teaching and classes was being willing to let it all go—willingly and with positive acceptance. Clinging to being a yoga teacher is no healthier than clinging to any other identity we make up for ourselves.
This is exactly what happened for me.  When I let go of the desire to find my yoga "tribe," a path opened up for me to work with divorcing midlife women -- sometimes including yoga as a way of recovery, sometimes not.  But, always, yoga -- in the unique way I've experienced it in my life -- is a touchstone.

If you are a yoga teacher who has come to believe there's no place for you, please read this great essay.

And, if you're a frustrated yoga teacher who doesn't teach physical fitness yoga, check in with this blog post from Linda Karl.

And here's a been-there post from the Grace and Grit blog on the theme of failing by playing small and how to face the humiliation of teaching class after class with two or three students in them, preparing workshops that no one ever attends --  experiences that are now endemic in the yoga world if you're not teaching Ashtanga, flow, or hot yoga.

Love will find a way -- but probably not the way you thought, and probably not as soon as you hoped it would : ) .  No better way to learn total surrender than from total heartbreak.