Thursday, March 3, 2011

swallow the sun

Tonight is Shivaratri, the night of Shiva, a time of enlightenment and transformation, so I thought it an appropriate occasion to revive this blog.

It's that chilly and dingy time of year when we can sense the scent of spring only in imagination and resolutions of the New Year are difficult to recall. But although we can't feel it, we know that a few weeks from today, we'll feel the warmth of the sun and see the first hints of green.

Where are you today on the continuum of your yoga path? Have you cut back on classes, or eliminated them altogether? Did you feel strait-jacketed by instruction that seemed too regimented, or that connected body to mind by only the most tenuous of threads? Is there part of you who wants to practice yoga your own way -- only, you're not entirely sure which way that is?

In this day of cheaper-than-cheap Groupon yoga, it can be difficult to find a practice that truly inspires you. But don't give up trying, because the answer may be -- guess where, and I bet you already know -- within.

Consider working one-on-one with a teacher who specializes in helping students develop a personal, at-home yoga practice that truly feeds you. A practice that's more than just an exercise class, but an expression of your being.

What if every practice session were an insight into how you're feeling and what you need on that particular day? And you could act on these insights in ways that calm and energize you and add to the joy with which you embrace each day?

Yoga can do just that, every time, when you create the practice yourself with the help of a knowledgable guide. It's ever-changing and ever-renewing, just as you are.

Swallow the sun next time you practice yoga. Receive everything that yoga has to give you.

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