Monday, March 21, 2011

best-kept secret: changing habits is easy

A follow-up to last week's post about changing from night-owl to lark.

Fear and apprehension: Can it be done? Everyone says it's genetic. I probably need a plan. And a back-up plan. And a Plan C, after months have passed and I'm still struggling.

The reality: It's very easy. Just open eyes. See daylight (or the beginnings of daylight). Slowly roll out of bed. Sigh. Yawn. Growl. Mutter. Done.

What if all of those other things that I think difficult are really this easy. It's about tolerating brief discomfort, that's all. Why didn't someone tell me this years ago? (I've been asking this a lot lately.)

The owl/lark dilemma is just another take on a previous post, fear of flying. Same concept. Change "fear" to "discomfort" this time.

These are the prisons we create for ourselves. And now that I've experienced how easy it is to change the pattern of my day by a few hours -- all it takes is a little discomfort -- I'm realizing how rigid I've been.

It's spring. I want to see how adaptable I can become in other ways, too. It's not all as serious and set in cement as I thought it was. Who knew? Why do we believe this stuff? I want to thaw out, loosen up, and continue to free myself from the nested cages of my own perceptions.

Anyone care to share what long-standing habit you've surprised yourself by changing, and how you did it? I love this! Yay!

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