Monday, October 4, 2010

blasting through limiting beliefs

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a fun workshop at Bodhi Spiritual Center, and it culminated with the participants breaking 1" boards on which we each had written one limiting belief that we felt ready to break through.

There was a lot of group energy and chanting of each person's name as he or she punched or kicked through the board representing the belief.

By the time my turn came, I had had the opportunity to hear what each person's belief was, as it was read aloud to the group. Then, the facilitator yelled to everyone, "Is this belief true?" And everyone screamed back, "No!" And, at that moment, it was time to symbolically destroy the negative belief.

It was great to be one of the last to do the exercise. I had the chance to see so many great people go before me, and I was shocked to hear what some of their negative beliefs about themselves were. It was obvious that none of these beliefs was even slightly true. People wrote things like: "I am fundamentally flawed." "I cannot achieve ________________, and still have someone who loves me." "I do not deserve a healthy love relationship."

Yet this was one of the most intelligent, attractive groups of people with whom I've ever participated in a workshop. How could they believe these awful things about themselves and their lives? How could they possibly carry burdens like this every day?

Then it occurred to me. If all of these people deserve happiness and fulfillment in life, and if none of their negative statements is even remotely true, then that means my self-limiting beliefs are equally false.

If I can believe in the goodness and worthiness of everyone else, it's okay for me to believe for myself, too.

So funny how it's easy to see the error in someone else's thought patterns, but so difficult to see the same thing in oneself.

What's your negative mental monologue? Guess what? It's not true!

Happy Monday. Let's all go out and let ourselves live.