Tuesday, August 24, 2010

looking for inspiration? breathe.

What do you do when you need a creative solution to a problem? When you need to find the next step in the process? When you're under stress and silently crying "help!"

A surprisingly simple way to connect with your deeper self -- the self with all the answers -- is to breathe.

There is a profound connection between the word inspire and your breath. Inspire comes from the Latin inspirare, meaning "to inflame, blow into, to direct with your breath."

Here are a few additional meanings:
• To affect, guide, or arouse by divine influence.
• To fill with enlivening or exalting emotion.
• To stimulate to action; motivate.
• To draw forth; elicit or arouse.

Your breath is the divine spirit within you. When breath is gone, life force no longer exists. When you access your breath from the depth and core of your being, with full, diaphramatic breathing, you free your divine source to assist you in any challenge you face.

Focus on the breath connects you to the creative life force inside you (your own inspiration) that can answer any question, provide you with the internal support you need, and bring peace to any life situation.

Your breath is the physical manifestation of the divine within you. Go within first by connecting with and slowing your breathing, and see how easy it is to focus your mind, heart, and spirit. With this divine counsel in place, experience the sense of balance and poise you feel in any situation.

There is no longer the compulsion to run from place to place looking for the answer. The scattershot approach is no longer necessary. There is peace within. The answer introduces itself to you; you don't need to go in search of it.

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