Monday, June 14, 2010

what's your mission statement?

I was inspired this week, by a post at The Pragmatic Yogi blog, to come up with a mission statement for my life. Here's what the PY wrote:
"I cultivate discipline. I have a realistic and balanced schedule for my seva(service), sadhana(spiritual practice) and personal needs. I am disciplined and also relaxed. I do not drain my energy by over effort and overwork. My purpose is clear, my mind is decisive."

Hmmm. Here's mine:
"I am free to explore how much I can leave undone today without incurring any serious consequences. I take time to breathe. I consciously slow my work pace. At least 50% of my activities are unnecessary in retrospect, so it's okay to complete only the most pressing tasks, and leave the rest alone. My happiness counts as much as any other responsibility."

Share your own inspiration: What's your mission statement?

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