Monday, April 26, 2010

take a coffee break from hell

Why is it so easy to be sucked in by misfortune and hardship? Is there a way to love yourself through the worst times?

A modest proposal: Take a coffee break from hell. This can be hard to do, since you have to remember to do it. But . . . politely excuse yourself from the wildebeest you're wrestling with, call a truce, and make yourself something warm and comforting to drink (excuse me while I do this right now).

Take a comfortable seat somewhere (maybe in a sunny window), and slow down your breathing for even just three minutes, if that's all you're able to spare. Notice pleasant things around you in the space (sun, flowers, interesting sounds, does something smell good?) Keep some comforting objects close by for just these moments (touchy-feely objects are good, such as a favorite stone, seashell, something that feels good in your hand). The idea is to get out of your own worrying mental loop for a few minutes. Oh, there is more to life than just the BIG problem. Hmmm. Make room for fresh answers and new solutions to come in.

Oops, three minutes are up. Where's that wildebeest? Let's go.

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