Sunday, March 21, 2010

"your breath is your most intimate companion on your journey through life"

I've been planning to produce a few brief pranayama (breathwork) videos to give my students a quick shot of relaxation that can be tapped anywhere, anytime. While there are many wonderful and simple pranayama techniques, many of them can already be found on youtube in dozens of versions.

Wanting to search deeply within to offer something fresh, and thinking about the techniques and ways of presenting them that have been favorites with my students, I'm also reaching back to some favorite books for inspiration, including The Power of Breath by Swami Saradananda. Here's a paragraph from the book's introduction:

"Your breath is your most intimate companion on your journey through life. You began to breathe just a moment after you were born and some day you will 'expire' with your very last exhalation. In between, your breath is with you wherever you go. Your breath is nearer to you than anything else, and dearer to you than your wealth and the people you love the most -- for if you lose your breath, you lose everything. And yet, like most people, you probably rarely, if ever, think about how, or even why, you breathe."

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