Monday, February 1, 2010

Virabhadrasana: The story of Virabhadra

Virabhadrasana is not the pose of an anonymous warrior, it's the pose of Virabhadra, the "auspicious hero" born from a bead of sweat from Lord Shiva's forehead.

Here's what Dr. Robert Svoboda has to say (in his wonderful book The Greatness of Saturn) about Virabhadra:

"No sooner did this drop of sweat fall to Earth than it became a fiery being of unlimited valor who, after blazing his way through the earth and through all the underworlds, burnt the seven seas. This being, Virabhadra ('the Auspicious Hero') looked like a flaming fire, having many heads and many eyes, and tens of thousands of arms and legs. The embodiment of concentrated might, Virabhadra stood before his father with folded hands, saying, 'Command me!'"

The three forms of Virabhadrasana present three different expressions of this powerful hero. Next time you perform one of the Virabhadrasanas, imagine yourself capable of anything that needs to be accomplished -- because you are!

Want to read The Greatness of Saturn online? Very illuminating to anyone interested in Vedic astrology or Hindu mythology: here's the link to the full text.

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